Excel On Steroids: Powerful Business Reporting Workshops

Work Smarter, Every Day!

Enhance your Excel skills, produce powerful reports and enable quicker, better decision making.

What’s your Excel IQ?

Our specialised Excel on Steroids training workshops provide in-depth coverage of key Microsoft Excel features and functions relevant to business reporting. Do you know what they are?

Test yourself on your Excel knowledge – take the Excel IQ quiz! It’s made up of 20 multiple-choice questions; it’s quick and simple to do and will help to determine which course is right for you.

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What Makes Excel on Steroids Different?

Unlike other advanced Excel training programs, Excel on Steroids is not a general tour of Excel functionality. It especially focuses only on the functionality that is relevant to business reporting. And, instead of covering everything in one day, Excel on Steroids is split into focused workshops that are held over separate days for specific focus on topics.

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Improved Efficiency in Excel Can Save you Time and Money!

If you often think “there must be a quicker way to do this in Excel”, then you are spending too much time manually sorting and manipulating data instead of using the functionality available in Excel to perform those tasks quicker. Inefficiencies in Excel cost time and money which you could invest in other areas.

Excel on Steroids guarantees a 25% efficiency improvement in your Excel skills – use our ROI calculator to calculate how much time and money that translates to!

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